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My feedback on Quora

Quora one of my favourite social networks reached out to me to get my opinion on being a writer and how to improve Quora. Here is my verbatim response - I am posting it here because it shows my thoughts on user stickiness:

"Hey I love Quora. Haven't spent a lot of time on it lately. Been busy. Since I run my own digital media business I spend time on networks that go towards bringing up my KLOUT score. An occupational bias. Would be great if you could work with KLOUT so that Quora activity counts towards the KLOUT score. That's my primary suggestion.

As a writer Quora is still fine. It is closing the gap between real life and internet. In the real internet you now have to be creative to find the quality information. While in Google's first year you just typed two words and it was magic. Now I type seven to narrow down and hope to find it in the first two pages. Quora seems to be going through this data overload curve. It is what it is. 

The process to user schizophrenia has started. One one hand users put their stuff out there to be found but the side of the writer that puts in a lot of effort for appreciation will increasingly rely on a network that shares his interest to get that appreciation; while in the early days of Quora it was easier by simply writing and letting it be.

Appreciation of their answers is directly related to a user's stickiness. I describe stickiness as measured by number of unique visits toQuora, time spent on Quora and content creation on Quora. Since this appreciation now relies on semi silos of people with similar interests, Quora needs to focus on remarkably accelerating the rate at which new users follow each other. This means every time you follow someone on QuoraQuora needs to give suggestions on who to follow based on your interests and who you have just followed. This is a simple technique. I'm sure you guys can figure out more. But it serves to illustrate what I am trying to say. The more a user follows people with similar tastes and is followed by them, the more they become sticky and the more Quora benefits. You need to put this process on steroids and then inject it with a light speed serum.

A short cut to accelerating content input and interaction on Quora is to have a measure whereby which you have a top commentator label. Based on not how much you contribute, but a pre-decided ratio of posts to comments achieved or some other similar measure. The thrill of posting a comment and seeing a start next to it with the phrase "Top commentator" is visceral. It is a shallow but effective short term move.

You may also want to look at investing a significant amount of budget in SEO on the blog portion if they remain a part of your strategy. If the content is good it should find its way on search engines. As on Squarespace which I use this can be automated by entering a few keywords. Your technology team probably has some good ideas on managing this innovatively.

Good luck. You're one of the good guys on the internet."