β€œit is the people who figure out how to work simply in the present, rather than the people who mastered the complexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future.”

we are a boutique digital media agency focusing on companies who want to be digital challengers or are at the cusp of being disrupted by digital challengers 

Branding is often seen as the dynamic between a customer and the company trying to reach it, so that the equally important internal conversations and empathy it enables are often overlooked.

penumbra specializes in creating strategic communication plans that enable the following:

  • Employee brand education
  • Strategic communication plan for employees that moves the needle from communicating to engaging
  • Sales team brand education using storyscaping for "closing" techniques 
  • Tailored and targeted marketing support for strategic accounts
  • Storyscaping localization for Board communications and meetings
  • Public relations especially during critical incidents and crisis
  • Public relations messaging and digital go to market for national institutions and political parties